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Get the vocal stem from any mp3 or wav file.

Spleeter: Deezer source separation library

What is Spleeter?

Spleeter is Deezer's source separation library with pretrained models written in Python and uses Tensorflow. It makes it easy to train source separation model (assuming you have a dataset of isolated sources), and provides already trained state of the art model for performing various flavor of separation :

2 stems and 4 stems models have high performances on the musdb dataset. Spleeter is also very fast as it can perform separation of audio files to 4 stems 100x faster than real-time when run on a GPU.

We designed Spleeter so you can use it straight from command line as well as directly in your own development pipeline as a Python library. It can be installed with pip or be used with Docker.

Extracts the vocals?

A common technique used for source separation is: "time-frequency (TF) masking".

Time-Frequency (TF) Masking!!

Different types of sounds in the musical track correspond to varying frequencies. For instance, the lead vocals would occupy different frequency bands as compared with the drums. Using TF masking, the mixture of frequencies that make up a piece of music is filtered, allowing us to pick and choose which frequencies to keep. What remains after this process is the separated stem of the instrument that we want to isolate.

Source: https://digital.hbs.edu/platform-digit/submission/deezers-spleeter-deconstructing-music-with-ai/



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